How to Generate Online Leads

Inbound marketing has proven to be an ideal way to obtain clients, generate leads, and help you hit your quota over the previous years.

For those who don’t know, inbound marketing is a data-driving and holistic method that uses content on your site to entice prospects looking for your services and products online. Then, you can convert these clients to leads. This can help you close more deals.

A lot of sales experts do not have the marketing support to count on a constant flow of inbound leads. However, they still have to hit their quotas. Fortunately, the methodology of inbound sales offers a lot of methods to fill the necessity. Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to generate Medicare advantage leads.

Revisit Lost or Closed Opportunities

There are brands that already know what your business offers. They may have made it through a discovery call or seen a product demo and it simply was not the right time to purchase.

Every 6 months, you should touch base with these potential clients. You should ask what their challenges are, if their team and business goals have changed, and how their priorities have shifted.

You should invest in marketing to these potential clients since they are already more qualified compared to warm and new leads. Keep communication tailored, send them relevant blog posts, and enroll them in the right marketing email drips.

It may not be the ideal time the 2nd or 3rd time you follow up. However, it might work in your favor in the 4th attempt.

Recognize Possible Leads by Working with Your Personal Network

One ignored option that’s quite simple to get started is working your personal network. The reason is that you’ve already established trust. There are particular individuals you will meet in a personal context that you will not consider as a lead generation tool but can be extremely vital.

You’ve got neighbors, work friends, yoga friends, and much more. However, they exist in those separate worlds that do not really intersect. The key is quite simple. Let possible helpful acquaintances know if you are at the point in the relationship where you can discuss business.

Look for Prospects You Can Help on Relevant Social Media Platforms

Almost every salesperson is on LinkedIn. However, they might not be effectively using it for generating valuable activities. The dream of most salespeople is to be able to connect in a low-effort and high-value way to find interested prospects. Social media is an ideal channel to do this type of activity.

Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

Do you still remember when was the last time you really updated your Twitter or LinkedIn profile? One ideal way to bring in more leads is to keep your social media accounts updated and fresh.

Without a doubt, LinkedIn is one of the most advantageous social media channels for businesses. You should create a profile that stands out. You can do this by creating a captivating LinkedIn headline and a descriptive summary.