For those who don’t know, a freight truck is a heavy-duty car that’s greatly utilized to move goods from one area to another. In general, a freight truck is classified into two various forms. These are separated trailer freight trucks and fixed trailer trucks. Freight trucks are greatly utilized in the logistics industry. These trucks are great for off-road driving. The high-powered and advanced engine can transport easily bulk load.

However, freight trucks are divided into 6 various forms according to the design and carrying capacity. Today, we are going to share with you some of the most common types of trucks in the hot shot trucking industry.

Straight Trucks

These kinds of tracks are also known as cube van, cube truck, or box truck. You can only load your items from the back. It protects your items from damage by the elements. Also, you can utilize it to expedite freight deliveries.

Jumbo Trailer Truck

This type of trailer truck is just a semi-trailer truck with extra space. It is almost the same as a semi-trailer truck. However, the maximum load that this truck can carry is around 24,000 kilos. If you’re planning to transport high volume goods, a jumbo trailer truck is an ideal truck to utilize. This can be loaded from the sides, the top, and the back of the truck.

Box Trucks

These kinds of trucks are greatly utilized nowadays because of the increasing demand since they’re typically easily managed and handled. It is a straight and rigid truck utilized for the average transport of goods such as main delivery services and courier services. You can load the goods up and down through the back doors of the truck. Usually, these are always in high demand.

Tail-Lift Trucks

This type of truck includes a lifting mechanism that can help load items onto the truck. They are quite small in size. In addition to that, the maximum load that this truck can carry typically runs around 2000 kilos. The goods can be loaded from the back. This type of truck is typically utilized on distribution freights mainly. Tail lifts make it simpler to safely unload and load trucks.

Refrigerating Trucks

This type of truck is made by several trucking companies to carry some goods at a particular temperature. Usually, this type of truck is used to transport perishable goods like dairy, meat, and food. It keeps the goods fresh and stops them from losing their value and deteriorating during the transportation process. It keeps everything fresh and maintains the temperature.

Flatbed Trucks

This type of truck is the best truck for bulky and durable freight such as construction material, pipes, wood, and much more. These goods can be loaded or unloaded from the top with the help of a crane that can be loaded easily into the extended trailer. This type of truck does not have sides or a roof. Thus, it’s extremely simple to unload or load materials from it. However, the materials will be open to the elements.