Though the necessity for tree removal Harrisburg PA and/or tree care services within our surrounding areas could take place any time of the year, the condition of winter weather all over particular regions that experiences this will usually cause such services to be extremely in demand. Freezing rain, extreme winds & heavy snow will come together to cause extreme damage to power lines, neighboring properties, and trees. As a result, it can pose safety hazards to property owners and their household members.

Other property owners most likely want to perform a DIY project to treat any tree damage caused by winter-storm to somehow save money, it is in fact extremely discouraged due to a lot of reasons that can only contradict the financial benefits that you can get from DIY. If you try to address tree damages without the right tools, equipment, training, or expertise, here are some of the possible disadvantages you’ll probably encounter:

  • Poor tree recovery or development during the spring because of improper and/or undue trimming.
  • More damage to property due to improper use of tree felling and branch cutting method.
  • The risk of being injured could happen as you handle a chainsaw or working on a ladder without the right safety precautions and measures.
  • Permanent damage to your tree due to doing too much and unnecessary actions.
  • Encouraging infestation and/or decay because of the poorly removal procedure of the neglected diseased or dead woods.
  • Possible liabilities due to voided damage claims by doing non-permitted or non-approved methods.

Basing on the provided potential issues above, the property owners would be most likely encouraged to contact and consult a reputable and certified tree removal company to help repair or at least do something about your damaged tree. We highly suggest that you do so if ever you experience any of the mentioned tree damage signs because of this winter season’s ice, high winds, and/or snow.

Major tree services needed after an extreme storm:

Depending on how damaged a tree is due to the winter storm, there are actually a lot of remedies and actions that can be performed by a professional and certified arborist and tree company. The best course of action that needs to be done to your affected tree will be identified through a preliminary examination to assist in verifying whether the tree can be repaired with corrective measures to salvage and resurrect its condition or the tree needs to be totally eliminated. After this assessment from the tree experts of the tree company of your choice, they will implement and apply the tree services to appropriately address the issues of your trees. Some of the tree services that they can offer you include trimming and pruning, tree straightening, bracing and cabling, stump removal, and tree removal.

After a severe storm, head out and check your trees for signs of storm damage. If you can see any possible symptoms that relate to the storm, then contact a trusted arborist today.